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Tap Titans on Play Store


  • Auto upgrade
  • Auto spell skill
  • Auto start challenge
  • Auto close ad dialog
  • Verify fast tap (0.03s/tap)


  • Only tested on Nexus 5, different devices may use different coordinates and event dev.
  • Used to plat tiantis long time ago, may not works in current version.Different version may use different color and coordinates


  • ADB
  • Image Magic
  • Bash

Get started#

chmod +x Connect through lan, so you don't have to use the usb./ use-tcp# Push the pre-generated event fileadb push events /mnt/sdcard# Start playing./

How is works ?#

Why fast ?#

  • Because I don't use adb shell input tap, instead use a generated file that represent a tap event, then cat tap > /dev/input/event1.
  • Use generated shell run in android.

How to detect the screen event ?#

Use screen capture, then use the image magic to check the color,kind of slowly, but works.


Check the source