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  • List of ECMAScript engines
  • JerryScript JavaScript engine for the Internet of Things
    • Full ECMAScript 5.1 standard compliance
    • 160K binary size when compiled for ARM Thumb-2
    • Heavily optimized for low memory consumption
    • Written in C99 for maximum portability
    • Snapshot support for precompiling JavaScript source code to byte code
    • Mature C API, easy to embed in applications
  • Duktape embeddable Javascript engine with a focus on portability and compact footprint
    • Embeddable, portable, compact
    • Ecmascript E5/E5.1 compliant, some features implemented from Ecmascript 2015 (E6) and Ecmascript 2016 (E7)
    • Khronos/ES6 TypedArray and Node.js Buffer bindings
    • WHATWG Encoding API living standard
    • Built-in debugger
    • Built-in regular expression engine
    • Built-in Unicode support
    • Minimal platform dependencies
    • Combined reference counting and mark-and-sweep garbage collection with finalization
    • Custom features like co-routines
    • Property virtualization using a subset of Ecmascript E6 Proxy object
    • Bytecode dump/load for caching compiled functions
    • Distributable includes an optional logging framework, CommonJS-based module loading implementations, etc
    • Liberal license


  • D3
  • vega/vega
    • A visualization grammar.
    • a declarative format for creating, saving, and sharing interactive visualization designs.
    • 使用 JSON 生成 SVG/Canvas
    • vega/vega-lite
      • A grammar of interactive graphics, built on Vega.
      • 编辑器
  • Clusterize.js
    • 无限长的列表
  • nvd3
  • cubism
    • Time serial
  • handsontable
    • Excel 表格
  • ag-grid/ag-grid
    • Advanced Data Grid / Data Table supporting Javascript / React / AngularJS / Web Components