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Angular Version



  • 默认开启 Ivy



yarn global add @angular/cli
yarn add @angular/cli

# 依赖升级
# 如果出现升级失败的, 可以考虑手动更改
ng update @angular/cli

ng update @angular/core --force
ng update @angular/material --force

# 升级其他依赖
ng update @angular/flex-layout

# 如果出现 rxjs 兼容问题
yarn add rxjs-compat
yarn global add rxjs-tslint
rxjs-5-to-6-migrate -p src/


  • 路由
    • paramsInheritanceStrategy
      • always: it makes child routes unconditionally inherit params from parent routes;
      • emptyOnly: the default, it only inherits parent params for path-less or component-less routes (the former behavior).
  • 编译器
    • $any()
      • 类似于 ts 的 as any
      • 在模板中使用, 避免类型检测
      • 主要在开启了 fullTemplateTypeCheck 的特殊时候使用


  • 较大的变动
  • 动画
    • 支持 :increment:decrement 转换别名
  • 升级
    • 传播 NgModelController 的 touched 状态
    • 支持懒加载 Angular 模块到 AngularJS 中
  • 编译器
    • add representation of placeholders to xliff & xmb (b3085e9)
    • fullTemplateTypeCheck
      • 模板强类型检测
    • preserveWhitespaces
      • 移除模板中的空白
  • 表单
    • add options arg to abstract controls
      • FormControls, FormGroups, FormArrays 添加第二个可选参数
      • new FormControl(, {validators: [Validators.required],asyncValidators: [myAsyncValidator]});
      • new FormGroup({one: new FormControl()}, [myPasswordValidator, myOtherValidator]);
    • add default updateOn values for groups and arrays
    • add updateOn blur option to FormControls
    • add updateOn submit option to FormControls
    • add status to AbstractControlDirective
    • add updateOn support to ngModelOptions
  • 路由
    • add events tracking activation of individual routes
    • add ActivationStart/End events
  • 核心
    • Create StaticInjector which does not depend on Reflect polyfill
  • 公共
    • mark NgTemplateOutlet API as stable


  • compiler 允许多个 exportAs 名字
    • Directive#exportAs
    • @Directive({selector: '[multiple-export-as]', exportAs: 'dirX, dirY'})
  • core 添加用于移除模板中空白文字节点的选项
    • Component#preserveWhitespaces
    • 可以使用 &ngsp; 来强制保留
    • @Component({selector: 'comp',template: '<span>foo</span> <span>bar</span>',preserveWhitespaces: false,)


  • 增加了 HttpClient CHANGELOG#430-2017-07-14
    • 位于新的包 @angular/common/http, 旧的代码可逐步迁移
    • 特性
      • Typed, synchronous response body access, including support for JSON body types
      • JSON is an assumed default and no longer needs to be explicitly parsed
      • Interceptors allow middleware logic to be inserted into the pipeline
      • Immutable request/response objects
      • Progress events for both request upload and response download
      • Post-request verification & flush based testing framework