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apk add asterisk asterisk-sample-configasterisk -fc
# 方便测试apk add asterisk-sounds-en asterisk-sounds-moh


# SIP on UDP port 5060. Other SIP servers may need TCP port 5060 as welliptables -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 5060 -j ACCEPT
# IAX2- the IAX protocoliptables -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 4569 -j ACCEPT
# IAX - most have switched to IAX v2, or ought toiptables -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 5036 -j ACCEPT
# RTP - the media stream# (related to the port range in /etc/asterisk/rtp.conf)iptables -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 10000:20000 -j ACCEPT

# MGCP - if you use media gateway control protocol in your configurationiptables -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 2727 -j ACCEPT

PBX SIP and IAX Communication

5060UDPpjsippjsip 标准端口,不建议暴露到不信任的网络
5061UDPpjsippjsip 标准端口,不建议暴露到不信任的网络
5160UDPpjsippjsip 标准端口,不建议暴露到不信任的网络
5161UDPpjsippjsip 标准端口,不建议暴露到不信任的网络
10000-20000UDPRTP for SIP可对外暴露, 实际 SIP 通话端口
4569UDPIAXIAX 协议和线路

Certified Asterisk#






no samples for gxxx#

It means that one of clients, is using silence suppression mechanism which sends audio frames that do not contain any samples. That is causing these Warnings on Asterisk CLI.

Either ignore it, or find the device that does this and disable silent suppression.


  • /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

  • 模块类型

    • Applications
      • app_
    • Bridging modules
      • bridge_
    • Call detail recording (CDR) modules
      • cdr_
    • Channel event logging (CEL) modules
      • cel_
    • Channel drivers
      • chan_
    • Codec translators
      • codec_
    • Format interpreters
      • format_
    • Dialplan functions
      • func_
    • PBX modules
      • pbx_
    • Resource modules
      • res_
    • Add-on modules
    • Test modules
  • 文件结构

    • 配置
      • /etc/asterisk
    • 模块
      • /usr/lib/asterisk/modules
    • 资源库
      • /var/lib/asterisk
    • spool
      • /var/spool/asterisk
      • 存储临时数据
      • 语言信息, 通话记录, 通话文件等
    • 日志
      • /var/log/asterisk
      • cdr,cel,debug,队列,消息,错误等
    • Dialplan
      • 传统方式 /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
      • Asterisk Extension Logic (AEL) /etc/asterisk/extensions.ael
      • Lua /etc/asterisk/extensions.lua
    • 硬件
      • 常见的厂商 Digium (the sponsor, owner, and primary developer of Asterisk), Sangoma, Rhino, OpenVox, Pika, Voicetronix, Junghanns, Dialogic, Xorcom, beroNet
      • Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface - DAHDI
  • 安装的模块位于 /usr/lib/asterisk/modules

  • 常见模块

    • asterisk-alsa
    • asterisk-cdr-mysql
    • asterisk-chan-dongle
    • asterisk-curl
    • asterisk-dahdi
    • asterisk-dbg
    • asterisk-dev
    • asterisk-doc
    • asterisk-fax
    • asterisk-mobile
    • asterisk-odbc
    • asterisk-pgsql
    • asterisk-sample-config
    • asterisk-sounds-en
    • asterisk-sounds-moh
    • asterisk-speex
    • asterisk-srtp
    • asterisk-tds
apk add asteriskapk add asterisk-{alsa,cdr-mysql,chan-dongle,curl,dahdi,dbg,dev,doc,fax,mobile,odbc,pgsql,sample-config,sounds-en,sounds-moh,speex,srtp,tds}asterisk -cvvv#> module show#> core stop now# -c 在前台运行# -v, -vv, -vvv, -vvvv 详细程度 0-5# -d, -dd, -ddd, -dddd 日志级别, logger.conf# -r 远程连接, exit 退出# -T 在 CLI 输出上添加时间戳# -x 执行的命令 asterisk -rx 'core show channels'# -g 如果崩溃了,则生成一个转储文件

sip show users sip show peers Show all SIP peers (including friends) sip show registry Show status of hosts we register with sip set debug on Show all SIP messages sip reload Reload configuration file sip show settings Show the current channel configuration iax2 reload iax2 show peers iax2 show users

  • 基础配置
    • asterisk.conf
      • directories
      • options
      • files
      • compact
    • modules.conf
      • modules
    • indications.conf
    • musiconhold.conf
  • 通道配置
    • sip.conf
    • iax.conf

asterisk.conf [directories] Option | Value/Example | Notes -------|----|---- astetcdir | /etc/asterisk | 配置存储目录 astmoddir | /usr/lib/asterisk/modules | 加载模块的目录 astvarlibdir| /usr/lib/asterisk | 其他状态信息存储的基础目录.也包含运行时写出的内容 astdbdir | /var/lib/asterisk | 会将内部数据库 astdb 存储于该目录 astkeydir | /var/lib/asterisk | 会使用该目录下的 keys 子目录来加载加密使用的秘钥 astdatadir | /var/lib/asterisk | 系统提供数据的基础目录,例如声音文件. astagidir | /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin | 会使用该目录下的 agi-bin 子目录作为默认加载 AGI 脚本的位置 astspooldir | /var/spool/asterisk | 语音邮件,通话记录,和通话相关的 spool 存储位置 astrundir | /var/run/asterisk | 存储 unix socket 和 pid 文件的位置 astlogdir | /var/log/asterisk | 日志文件存储位置

sip.conf type type | Description -----|---- peer | 使用来源请求的 IP 和端口来匹配配置 user | 使用 SIP 来源请求 From 头中的用户名来匹配 sip.conf 中同样名字的配置段例如 [wener]. friend | 同时使用 peer 和 user. 对于 SIP 电话来说这是最常用的设置.

; 1. Asterisk checks the SIP From: address username and matches against ; names of devices with type=user ; The name is the text between square brackets [name] ; 2. Asterisk checks the From: addres and matches the list of devices ; with a type=peer ; 3. Asterisk checks the IP address (and port number) that the INVITE ; was sent from and matches against any devices with type=peer

部分 VoIP 支持 T.38 faxing protocol, 但更好的做法是 Fax over IP server

注册主要是为了在网络上标识自己,而不是授权,标识自己后才能接收到来电. 授权是在每次拨号时触发,一个座机可以未注册但也可以拨号,不过此时无法接到来电.


[globals]LOCAL=DAHDI/G0           ; assuming you have a PSTN card in your systemTOLL=SIP/YourVoipCarrier ; as defined in sip.conf
; 匹配外部电话[external]exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(${LOCAL}/${EXTEN}) ; 10-digit pattern match for NANPexten => _NXXXXXX,1,Dial(${LOCAL}/${EXTEN})    ; 7-digit pattern match for NANPexten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(${TOLL}/${EXTEN}) ; Long-distance pattern match                                               ; for NANPexten => _011.,1,Dial(${TOLL}/${EXTEN})        ; International pattern match for                                               ; calls made from NANP; This section is functionally the same as the above section.; It is for people who like to dial '9' before their callsexten => _9NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(${LOCAL}/${EXTEN:1})exten => _9NXXXXXX,1,Dial(${LOCAL}/${EXTEN:1})exten => _91NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(${TOLL}/${EXTEN:1})exten => _9011.,1,Dial(${TOLL}/${EXTEN:1})
; 该上下文中允许对外拨号[LocalSets]include => external

; 本地通道;[LocalSets]exten => 107,1,Verbose(2,Dialing multiple locations with time delay)  ; *** This all needs to be on a single line  same => n,Dial(Local/[email protected]&Local/[email protected]&Local/[email protected],40)  same => n,Hangup()
[TimeDelay]exten => channel_1,1,Verbose(2,Dialing the first channel)  same => n,Dial(SIP/0000FFFF0001,20)  same => n,Hangup()
exten => channel_2,1,Verbose(2,Dialing the second channel with a delay)  same => n,Wait(10)  same => n,Dial(DAHDI/g0/14165551212)
exten => channel_3,1,Verbose(2,Dialing the third channel with a delay)  same => n,Wait(15)  same => n,Dial(SIP/MyITSP/12565551212,15)  same => n,Hangup()

AstDB Berkeley database

; database put <family> <key> <value>.; database get <family> <key>; database del <key>; database deltree <family>
exten => 456,1,NoOp()  same => n,Set(DB(test/count)=1)  same => n,Set(COUNT=${DB(test/count)}) same => n,Answer()  same => n,SayNumber(${COUNT})
; deletes the key and returns its value in one stepexten => 457,1,Verbose(0, The value was ${DB_DELETE(test/count)})
exten => 457,1,DBdeltree(test)


[HotDesking]; Control extension range using pattern matches; Login with 71XX will logout existing extension at this location; and log this device in with new extension.; Logoff with 7000 from any device.;; 使用模式匹配控制扩展; 71XX 会注销当前位置现有扩展,并将还设备记录到新的扩展; 7000 会进行设备注销exten => 7000,1,Verbose(2,Attempting logoff from device ${CHANNEL(peername)})  same => n,Set(PeerName=${CHANNEL(peername)})  same => n,Set(CurrentExtension=${DB(HotDesk/${PeerName})})  same => n,GoSubIf($[${EXISTS(${CurrentExtension})}]? subDeviceLogoff,1(${PeerName},${CurrentExtension}):loggedoff)  same => n,GotoIf($[${GOSUB_RETVAL} = 0]?loggedoff)  same => n,Playback(an-error-has-occurred)  same => n,Hangup()  same => n(loggedoff),Playback(silence/1&agent-loggedoff)  same => n,Hangup()
exten => _71XX,1,Verbose(2,Attempting to login device ${CHANNEL(peername)} to extension ${EXTEN:1})  same => n,Set(NewPeerName=${CHANNEL(peername)})  same => n,Set(NewExtension=${EXTEN:1}); Check if existing extension is logged in for this device (NewPeerName); -- If existing extension exists (ExistingExtension);    -- get existing device name;       -- If no existing device;          -- (login) as we'll overwrite existing extension for this device;       -- If existing device name;          -- logoff ExistingExtension + ExistingDevice;             -- Goto check_device ---------------------------------------+; -- If no existing extension exists                                      |;    -- Check if existing device is logged in for this extension          |;       (NewExtension) <-----------------------------------------------+;       -- If existing device exists;          -- Get existing extension;             -- If extension exists;                -- Logoff Device + Extension;                   -- Login;             -- If no extension exists;                -- Remove device from AstDB;                   -- Login;       -- If no device exists for NewExtension;           -- Login
; Tests:; * Login 100 to 0000FFFF0001; * Login 101 to 0000FFFF0001 (Result: Only 101 logged in); * Login 101 to 0000FFFF0002 (Result: Only 101 logged in to new location); * Login 100 to 0000FFFF0001 (Result: Both 100 and 101 logged in); * Login 100 to 0000FFFF0002 (Result: Only 100 logged into 0000FFFF0002;                                      -- change locations); * Login 100 to 0000FFFF0001 (Result: Only 100 logged in)   same => n,Set(ExistingExtension=${DB(HotDesk/${NewPeerName})})   same => n,GotoIf($[${EXISTS(${ExistingExtension})}]?get_existing_device)   same => n(check_device),NoOp()   same => n,Set(ExistingDevice=${DB(HotDesk/${NewExtension})})   same => n,GotoIf($[${EXISTS(${ExistingDevice})}]?get_existing_extension)   same => n,NoOp(Nothing to logout)   same => n,Goto(login)   same => n(get_existing_device),NoOp()   same => n,Set(ExistingDevice=${DB(HotDesk/${ExistingExtension})})   same => n,GotoIf($[${ISNULL(${ExistingDevice})}]?login)   same => n,GoSub(subDeviceLogoff,1(${ExistingDevice},${ExistingExtension}))   same => n,GotoIf($[${GOSUB_RETVAL} = 0]?check_device)   same => n,Playback(silence/1&an-error-has-occurred)   same => n,Hangup()   same => n(get_existing_extension),NoOp()   same => n,Set(ExistingExtension=${DB(HotDesk/${ExistingDevice})})   same => n,GoSubIf($[${EXISTS(${ExistingExtension})}]? subDeviceLogoff,1(${ExistingDevice},${ExistingExtension}):remove_device)   same => n,GotoIf($[${GOSUB_RETVAL} = 0]?loggedoff)   same => n,Playback(silence/1&an-error-has-occurred)   same => n,Hangup()   same => n(remove_device),NoOp()   same => n,Set(Result=${DB_DELETE(HotDesk/${ExistingDevice})})   same => n,Goto(loggedoff)   same => n(loggedoff),Verbose(2,Existing device and extensions have been logged off prior to login)   same => n(login),Verbose(2,Now logging in extension ${NewExtension} to device ${NewPeerName})   same => n,GoSub(subDeviceLogin,1(${NewPeerName},${NewExtension}))   same => n,GotoIf($[${GOSUB_RETVAL} = 0]?login_ok)   same => n,Playback(silence/1&an-error-has-occurred)   same => n,Hangup()   same => n(login_ok),Playback(silence/1&agent-loginok)   same => n,Hangup(); 设备注销; subDeviceLogoff(PeerName,Extension); 返回 尚未注册 -1, 注销成功 0exten => subDeviceLogoff,1,NoOp()  same => n,Set(LOCAL(PeerName)=${ARG1})  same => n,Set(LOCAL(Extension)=${ARG2})  same => n,ExecIf($[${ISNULL(${LOCAL(PeerName)})} | ${ISNULL(${LOCAL(Extension)})}]?Return(-1))  same => n,Set(PeerNameResult=${DB_DELETE(HotDesk/${LOCAL(PeerName)})})  same => n,Set(ExtensionResult=${DB_DELETE(HotDesk/${LOCAL(Extension)})})  same => n,Return(0)
exten => subDeviceLogin,1,NoOp()   same => n,Set(LOCAL(PeerName)=${ARG1})   same => n,Set(LOCAL(Extension)=${ARG2})   same => n,ExecIf($[${ISNULL(${LOCAL(PeerName)})} | ${ISNULL(${LOCAL(Extension)})}]?Return(-1))   same => n,Set(DB(HotDesk/${LOCAL(PeerName)})=${LOCAL(Extension)})  same => n,Set(DB(HotDesk/${LOCAL(Extension)})=${LOCAL(PeerName)})  same => n,Set(ReturnResult=${IF($[${DB_EXISTS(HotDesk/${LOCAL(PeerName)})} & ${DB_EXISTS(HotDesk/${LOCAL(Extension)})}]?0:-1)})  same => n,Return(${ReturnResult})
; Zapateller; 对于特定的情况播放特定的音频exten => s,1,NoOp()  same => n,Zapateller(nocallerid)  same => n,Playback(enter-ext-of-person)
; Call Parking[incoming]include => parkedcallsexten => 103,1,Dial(SIP/Bob,,tT)exten => 104,1,Dial(SIP/Charlie,,tT)
; 处理来自 pstn 的请求[from-pstn]; This is the context that would be listed in the config file; for the circuit (i.e. chan_dahdi.conf)exten => _X.,1,Verbose(2,Incoming call to ${EXTEN})    same => n,Goto(number-mapping,${EXTEN},1)[number-mapping]; This context is not strictly required, but will make it easier; to keep track of your DIDs in a single location in your dialplan.; From here you can pass the call to another part of the dialplan; where the actual dialplan work will take place.exten => 4165551234,1,Dial(SIP/0000FFFF0001)exten => 4165554321,1,Goto(autoattendant-context,start,1)exten => 4165559876,1,VoiceMailMain() ; a handy back door for listening                                      ; to voice messagesexten => i,1,Verbose(2,Incoming call to invalid number)
; 复杂判断[incoming]exten => _X.,1,Answer()  same => n,GotoIf($["${CHANNEL(secure_signaling)}" = "1"]?secure:insecure)  same => n(secure),NoOp(Signaling is encrypted.)  same => n,Hangup()  same => n(insecure),NoOp(Signaling is not encrypted.)  same => n,Hangup()!forum/asterisk-tw

core show functions GotoIf(expression?destination1:destination2) GotoIfTime(times,days_of_week,days_of_month,months?label)

MACROCONTEXTTheoriginalcontextinwhichthemacrowascalled.{MACRO_CONTEXT} The original context in which the macro was called.{MACRO_EXTEN} The original extension in which the macro was called. MACROPRIORITYTheoriginalpriorityinwhichthemacrowascalled.{MACRO_PRIORITY} The original priority in which the macro was called.{ARG n } The nth argument passed to the macro. For example, the first argument would be ${ARG1}, the second ${ARG2}, and so on.

exten => 123,1,NoOp()  same => n,GotoIf($[${CALLERID(num)} = 8885551212]?reject:allow)  same => n(allow),Dial(DAHDI/4)  same => n,Hangup()  same => n(reject),Playback(abandon-all-hope)  same => n,Hangup()
; If it's any hour of the day, on any day of the week,; during the fourth day of the month, in the month of July,; we're closedexten => s,1,NoOp()  same => n,GotoIfTime(*,*,4,jul?closed,s,1); During business hours, send calls to the open context  same => n,GotoIfTime(09:00-17:59,mon-fri,*,*?open,s,1)  same => n,GotoIfTime(09:00-11:59,sat,*,*?open,s,1); Otherwise, we're closed  same => n,Goto(closed,s,1)
; 宏 di[macro-voicemail]exten => s,1,NoOp()  same => n,Dial(${ARG1},10)  same => n,GotoIf($["${DIALSTATUS}" = "BUSY"]?busy:unavail)  same => n(unavail),VoiceMail([email protected],u)  same => n,Hangup()  same => n(busy),VoiceMail([email protected],b)  same => n,Hangup()
[other]; 调用宏exten => 101,1,Macro(voicemail,${JOHN})
; 协程定义[subDialer]exten => start,1,NoOp()  same => n,Dial(${ARG1},${ARG2})  same => n,Return(${DIALSTATUS})[subVoicemail]exten => start,1,NoOp()  same => n,VoiceMail(${ARG1}@${ARG2},${ARG3})  same => n,Hangup()
; 调用协程[other]exten => 101,1,NoOp()  same => n,GoSub(subDialer,start,1(${JOHN},30))  same => n,Set(VoicemailMessage=${IF($[${GOSUB_RETVAL} = BUSY]?b:u)})  same => n,GoSub(subVoicemail,start,1(${EXTEN},default,${VoicemailMessage}))
!                              -- Execute a shell commandacl show                       -- Show a named ACL or list all named ACLsael reload                     -- Reload AEL configurationael set debug {read|tokens|macros|contexts|off} -- Enable AEL debugging flagsagent logoff                   -- Sets an agent offlineagent show all                 -- Show status of all agentsagent show online              -- Show status of online agentsagent show                     -- Show information about an agentagi dump html                  -- Dumps a list of AGI commands in HTML formatagi exec                       -- Add AGI command to a channel in Async AGIagi set debug [on|off]         -- Enable/Disable AGI debuggingagi show commands [topic]      -- List AGI commands or specific helpaoc set debug                  -- enable cli debugging of AOC messagesari mkpasswd                   -- Encrypts a passwordari set debug                  -- Enable/disable debugging of an ARI applicationari show apps                  -- List registered ARI applicationsari show app                   -- Display details of a registered ARI applicationari show status                -- Show ARI settingsari show users                 -- List ARI usersari show user                  -- List single ARI userbridge kick                    -- Kick a channel from a bridgebridge show all                -- List all bridgesbridge show                    -- Show information about a bridgebridge technology show         -- List registered bridge technologiesbridge technology {suspend|unsuspend} -- Suspend/unsuspend a bridge technologycalendar dump sched            -- Dump calendar sched contextcalendar show calendar         -- Display information about a calendarcalendar show calendars        -- Show registered calendarscalendar show types            -- Show all calendar types loadedcc cancel                      -- Kill a CC transactioncc report status               -- Reports CC statscdr set debug [on|off]         -- Enable debugging in the CDR enginecdr show active                -- Display active CDRs for channelscdr show status                -- Display the CDR statuscdr submit                     -- Posts all pending batched CDR datacel show status                -- Display the CEL statuschannel originate              -- Originate a callchannel redirect               -- Redirect a callchannel request hangup         -- Request a hangup on a given channelcli check permissions          -- Try a permissions config for a usercli reload permissions         -- Reload CLI permissions configcli show aliases               -- Show CLI command aliasescli show permissions           -- Show CLI permissionsconfbridge kick                -- Kick participants out of conference bridges.confbridge list                -- List conference bridges and participants.confbridge lock                -- Lock a conference.confbridge mute                -- Mute participants.confbridge record start        -- Start recording a conferenceconfbridge record stop         -- Stop recording a conference.confbridge show menu           -- Show a conference menuconfbridge show menus          -- Show a list of conference menusconfbridge show profile bridge -- Show a conference bridge profile.confbridge show profile bridges -- Show a list of conference bridge profiles.confbridge show profile user   -- Show a conference user profile.confbridge show profile users  -- Show a list of conference user profiles.confbridge unlock              -- Unlock a conference.confbridge unmute              -- Unmute participants.config list                    -- Show all files that have loaded a configuration fileconfig reload                  -- Force a reload on modules using a particular configuration fileconfig show help               -- Show configuration help for a moduleconsole answer                 -- Answer an incoming console callconsole boost                  -- Sets/displays mic boost in dBconsole dial                   -- Dial an extension on the consoleconsole flash                  -- Flash a call on the consoleconsole hangup                 -- Hangup a call on the consoleconsole {mute|unmute} [toggle] -- Disable/Enable mic inputconsole send text              -- Send text to the remote deviceconsole transfer               -- Transfer a call to a different extensionconsole {device}               -- Generic console commandconsole {set|show} autoanswer [on|off] -- Sets/displays autoanswerconsole {set|show} active [<device>] -- Sets/displays active consolecore abort shutdown            -- Cancel a running shutdowncore clear profile             -- Clear profiling infocore ping taskprocessor        -- Ping a named task processorcore reload                    -- Global reloadcore restart gracefully        -- Restart Asterisk gracefullycore restart now               -- Restart Asterisk immediatelycore restart when convenient   -- Restart Asterisk at empty call volumecore set debug channel         -- Enable/disable debugging on a channelcore set debug                 -- Set level of debug chattinesscore set verbose               -- Set level of verbose chattinesscore show applications [like|describing] -- Shows registered dialplan applicationscore show application          -- Describe a specific dialplan applicationcore show calls [uptime]       -- Display information on callscore show channels [concise|verbose|count] -- Display information on channelscore show channel              -- Display information on a specific channelcore show channeltypes         -- List available channel typescore show channeltype          -- Give more details on that channel typecore show codecs [audio|video|image|text] -- Displays a list of registered codecscore show codec                -- Shows a specific codeccore show config mappings      -- Display config mappings (file names to config engines)core show file formats         -- Displays file formatscore show functions [like]     -- Shows registered dialplan functionscore show function             -- Describe a specific dialplan functioncore show hanguphandlers all   -- Show hangup handlers of all channelscore show hanguphandlers       -- Show hangup handlers of a specified channelcore show help                 -- Display help list, or specific help on a commandcore show hints                -- Show dialplan hintscore show hint                 -- Show dialplan hintcore show image formats        -- Displays image formatscore show license              -- Show the license(s) for this copy of Asteriskcore show profile              -- Display profiling infocore show settings             -- Show some core settingscore show sounds               -- Shows available soundscore show sound                -- Shows details about a specific soundcore show switches             -- Show alternative switchescore show sysinfo              -- Show System Informationcore show taskprocessors       -- List instantiated task processors and statisticscore show threads              -- Show running threadscore show translation          -- Display translation matrixcore show uptime [seconds]     -- Show uptime informationcore show version              -- Display version infocore show warranty             -- Show the warranty (if any) for this copy of Asteriskcore stop gracefully           -- Gracefully shut down Asteriskcore stop now                  -- Shut down Asterisk immediatelycore stop when convenient      -- Shut down Asterisk at empty call volumecore waitfullybooted           -- Wait for Asterisk to be fully booteddahdi create channels          -- Create channelsdahdi destroy channels         -- Destroy channelsdahdi restart                  -- Fully restart DAHDI channelsdahdi set dnd                  -- Sets/resets DND (Do Not Disturb) mode on a channeldahdi set hwgain {rx|tx}       -- Set hardware gain on a channeldahdi set swgain {rx|tx}       -- Set software gain on a channeldahdi show cadences            -- List cadencesdahdi show channels [group|context] -- Show active DAHDI channelsdahdi show channel             -- Show information on a channeldahdi show status              -- Show all DAHDI cards statusdahdi show version             -- Show the DAHDI version in usedata get                       -- Data API getdata show providers            -- Show data providersdatabase del                   -- Removes database key/valuedatabase deltree               -- Removes database keytree/valuesdatabase get                   -- Gets database valuedatabase put                   -- Adds/updates database valuedatabase query                 -- Run a user-specified query on the astdbdatabase show                  -- Shows database contentsdatabase showkey               -- Shows database contentsdevstate change                -- Change a custom device statedevstate list                  -- List currently known custom device statesdialplan add extension         -- Add new extension into contextdialplan add ignorepat         -- Add new ignore patterndialplan add include           -- Include context in other contextdialplan debug                 -- Show fast extension pattern matching data structuresdialplan reload                -- Reload extensions and *only* extensionsdialplan remove context        -- Remove a specified contextdialplan remove extension      -- Remove a specified extensiondialplan remove ignorepat      -- Remove ignore pattern from contextdialplan remove include        -- Remove a specified include from contextdialplan save                  -- Save current dialplan into a filedialplan set chanvar           -- Set a channel variabledialplan set extenpatternmatchnew false -- Use the Old extension pattern matching algorithm.dialplan set extenpatternmatchnew true -- Use the New extension pattern matching algorithm.dialplan set global            -- Set global dialplan variabledialplan show                  -- Show dialplandialplan show chanvar          -- Show channel variablesdialplan show globals          -- Show global dialplan variablesdnsmgr refresh                 -- Performs an immediate refreshdnsmgr reload                  -- Reloads the DNS manager configurationdnsmgr status                  -- Display the DNS manager statusdundi flush [stats]            -- Flush DUNDi cachedundi lookup                   -- Lookup a number in DUNDidundi precache                 -- Precache a number in DUNDidundi query                    -- Query a DUNDi EIDdundi set debug {on|off}       -- Enable/Disable DUNDi debuggingdundi show cache               -- Show DUNDi cachedundi show entityid            -- Display Global Entity IDdundi show hints               -- Show DUNDi hints in the cachedundi show mappings            -- Show DUNDi mappingsdundi show peers [registered|include|exclude|begin] -- Show defined DUNDi peersdundi show peer                -- Show info on a specific DUNDi peerdundi show precache            -- Show DUNDi precachedundi show requests            -- Show DUNDi requestsdundi show trans               -- Show active DUNDi transactionsdundi store history {on|off}   -- Enable/Disable DUNDi historic recordsfax set debug {on|off}         -- Enable/Disable FAX debugging on new FAX sessionsfax show capabilities          -- Show the capabilities of the registered FAX technology modulesfax show session               -- Show the status of the named FAX sessionsfax show sessions              -- Show the current FAX sessionsfax show settings              -- Show the global settings and defaults of both the FAX core and technology modulesfax show stats                 -- Summarize FAX session historyfax show version               -- Show versions of FAX For Asterisk componentsfeatures show                  -- Lists configured featuresfile convert                   -- Convert audio filegroup show channels            -- Display active channels with group(s)hangup request                 -- <no description available>help                           -- <no description available>http show status               -- Display HTTP server statusiax2 provision                 -- Provision an IAX deviceiax2 prune realtime            -- Prune a cached realtime lookupiax2 reload                    -- Reload IAX configurationiax2 set debug {on|off|peer}   -- Enable/Disable IAX debuggingiax2 set debug jb {on|off}     -- Enable/Disable IAX jitterbuffer debuggingiax2 set debug trunk {on|off}  -- Enable/Disable IAX trunk debuggingiax2 set mtu                   -- Set the IAX systemwide trunking MTUiax2 show cache                -- Display IAX cached dialplaniax2 show callnumber usage     -- Show current entries in IP call number limit tableiax2 show channels             -- List active IAX channelsiax2 show firmware             -- List available IAX firmwareiax2 show netstats             -- List active IAX channel netstatsiax2 show peer                 -- Show details on specific IAX peeriax2 show peers                -- List defined IAX peersiax2 show provisioning         -- Display iax provisioningiax2 show registry             -- Display IAX registration statusiax2 show stats                -- Display IAX statisticsiax2 show threads              -- Display IAX helper thread infoiax2 show users [like]         -- List defined IAX usersiax2 test losspct              -- Set IAX2 incoming frame loss percentageiax2 unregister                -- Unregister (force expiration) an IAX2 peer from the registryindication add                 -- Add the given indication to the countryindication remove              -- Remove the given indication from the countryindication show                -- Display a list of all countries/indicationskeys init                      -- Initialize RSA key passcodeskeys show                      -- Displays RSA key informationlocal show channels            -- List status of local channelslogger add channel             -- Adds a new logging channellogger mute                    -- Toggle logging output to a consolelogger reload                  -- Reopens the log fileslogger remove channel          -- Removes a logging channellogger rotate                  -- Rotates and reopens the log fileslogger set level {DEBUG|NOTICE|WARNING|ERROR|VERBOSE|DTMF} {on|off} -- Enables/Disables a specific logging level for this consolelogger show channels           -- List configured log channelsmanager reload                 -- Reload manager configurationsmanager set debug [on|off]     -- Show, enable, disable debugging of the manager codemanager show command           -- Show a manager interface commandmanager show commands          -- List manager interface commandsmanager show connected         -- List connected manager interface usersmanager show eventq            -- List manager interface queued eventsmanager show events            -- List manager interface eventsmanager show event             -- Show a manager interface eventmanager show settings          -- Show manager global settingsmanager show users             -- List configured manager usersmanager show user              -- Display information on a specific manager usermedia cache create             -- Create an item in the media cachemedia cache delete             -- Remove an item from the media cachemedia cache refresh            -- Refresh an item in the media cachemedia cache show all           -- Show all items in the media cachemedia cache show               -- Show a single item in the media cachemeetme kick                    -- Kick a conference or a user in a conference.meetme list                    -- List all conferences or a specific conference.meetme {lock|unlock}           -- Lock or unlock a conference to new users.meetme {mute|unmute}           -- Mute or unmute a conference or a user in a conference.mgcp audit endpoint            -- Audit specified MGCP endpointmgcp reload                    -- Reload MGCP configurationmgcp set debug {on|off}        -- Enable/Disable MGCP debuggingmgcp show endpoints            -- List defined MGCP endpointsminivm list accounts           -- List defined mini-voicemail boxesminivm list templates          -- List message templatesminivm list zones              -- List zone message formatsminivm reload                  -- Reload Mini-voicemail configurationminivm show settings           -- Show mini-voicemail general settingsminivm show stats              -- Show some mini-voicemail statisticsmixmonitor {start|stop|list}   -- Execute a MixMonitor commandmodule load                    -- Load a module by namemodule reload                  -- Reload configuration for a modulemodule show [like]             -- List modules and infomodule unload                  -- Unload a module by namemoh reload                     -- Reload MusicOnHoldmoh show classes               -- List MusicOnHold classesmoh show files                 -- List MusicOnHold file-based classesno debug channel               -- Disable debugging on channel(s)originate                      -- <no description available>parking show                   -- Show a parking lot or a list of all parking lots.phoneprov show routes          -- Show registered phoneprov http routespjproject show buildopts       -- Show the compiled config of the pjproject in usepjproject show log mappings    -- Show pjproject to Asterisk log mappingspjsip dump endpt               -- Dump the res_pjsip endpt internalspjsip export config_wizard primitives [to] -- Export config wizard primitivespjsip list aors                -- List PJSIP Aorspjsip list auths               -- List PJSIP Authspjsip list channels            -- List PJSIP Channelspjsip list ciphers             -- List available OpenSSL cipher namespjsip list contacts            -- List PJSIP Contactspjsip list endpoints           -- List PJSIP Endpointspjsip list identifies          -- List PJSIP Identifiespjsip list registrations       -- List PJSIP Registrationspjsip list transports          -- List PJSIP Transportspjsip qualify                  -- Send an OPTIONS request to a PJSIP endpointpjsip reload                   -- <no description available>pjsip send notify              -- Send a NOTIFY request to a SIP endpointpjsip send register            -- Registers an outbound registration targetpjsip send unregister          -- Unregisters outbound registration targetpjsip set history {on|off|clear} -- Enable/Disable PJSIP Historypjsip set logger {on|off|host} -- Enable/Disable PJSIP Logger Outputpjsip show aors                -- Show PJSIP Aorspjsip show aor                 -- Show PJSIP Aorpjsip show auths               -- Show PJSIP Authspjsip show auth                -- Show PJSIP Authpjsip show channels            -- Show PJSIP Channelspjsip show channel             -- Show PJSIP Channelpjsip show channelstats        -- Show PJSIP Channel Statspjsip show contacts            -- Show PJSIP Contactspjsip show contact             -- Show PJSIP Contactpjsip show endpoints           -- Show PJSIP Endpointspjsip show endpoint            -- Show PJSIP Endpointpjsip show history             -- Display PJSIP Historypjsip show identifiers         -- List registered endpoint identifierspjsip show identifies          -- Show PJSIP Identifiespjsip show identify            -- Show PJSIP Identifypjsip show registrations       -- Show PJSIP Registrationspjsip show registration        -- Show PJSIP Registrationpjsip show scheduled_tasks     -- Show all scheduled taskspjsip show settings            -- Show global and system configuration optionspjsip show transports          -- Show PJSIP Transportspjsip show transport           -- Show PJSIP Transportpjsip show unidentified_requests -- Show PJSIP Unidentified Requestspjsip show version             -- Show the version of pjproject in usepresencestate change           -- Change a custom presence statepresencestate list             -- List currently know custom presence statespri destroy span               -- Destroy a PRI spanpri intense debug span         -- <no description available>pri service disable channel    -- Remove a channel from servicepri service enable channel     -- Return a channel to servicepri set debug {on|off|hex|intense|0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15} span -- Enables PRI debugging on a spanpri set debug file             -- Sends PRI debug output to the specified filepri show channels              -- Displays PRI channel informationpri show debug                 -- Displays current PRI debug settingspri show spans                 -- Displays PRI span informationpri show span                  -- Displays PRI span informationpri show version               -- Displays libpri versionqueue add member               -- Add a channel to a specified queuequeue reload {parameters|members|rules|all} -- Reload queues, members, queue rules, or parametersqueue remove member            -- Removes a channel from a specified queuequeue reset stats              -- Reset statistics for a queuequeue set penalty              -- Set penalty for a channel of a specified queuequeue set ringinuse            -- Set ringinuse for a channel of a specified queuequeue show                     -- Show status of a specified queuequeue show rules               -- Show the rules defined in queuerules.confqueue {pause|unpause} member   -- Pause or unpause a queue memberrealtime destroy               -- Delete a row from a RealTime databaserealtime load                  -- Used to print out RealTime variables.realtime store                 -- Store a new row into a RealTime databaserealtime update                -- Used to update RealTime variables.realtime update2               -- Used to test the RealTime update2 methodreload                         -- <no description available>rtcp set debug {on|off|ip}     -- Enable/Disable RTCP debuggingrtcp set stats {on|off}        -- Enable/Disable RTCP statsrtp set debug {on|off|ip}      -- Enable/Disable RTP debuggingsay load [new|old]             -- Set or show the say modesip notify                     -- Send a notify packet to a SIP peersip prune realtime [peer|all]  -- Prune cached Realtime users/peerssip qualify peer               -- Send an OPTIONS packet to a peersip reload                     -- Reload SIP configurationsip set debug {on|off|ip|peer} -- Enable/Disable SIP debuggingsip set history {on|off}       -- Enable/Disable SIP historysip show {channels|subscriptions} -- List active SIP channels or subscriptionssip show channelstats          -- List statistics for active SIP channelssip show channel               -- Show detailed SIP channel infosip show domains               -- List our local SIP domainssip show history               -- Show SIP dialog historysip show inuse                 -- List all inuse/limitssip show mwi                   -- Show MWI subscriptionssip show objects               -- List all SIP object allocationssip show peers                 -- List defined SIP peerssip show peer                  -- Show details on specific SIP peersip show registry              -- List SIP registration statussip show sched                 -- Present a report on the status of the scheduler queuesip show settings              -- Show SIP global settingssip show tcp                   -- List TCP Connectionssip show users                 -- List defined SIP userssip show user                  -- Show details on specific SIP usersip unregister                 -- Unregister (force expiration) a SIP peer from the registryskinny message clear           -- Clear message to devicesskinny message set             -- Send message to devicesskinny reload                  -- Reload Skinny configskinny reset                   -- Reset Skinny device(s)skinny show devices            -- List defined Skinny devicesskinny show device             -- List Skinny device informationskinny show lines [verbose]    -- List defined Skinny lines per deviceskinny show line               -- List Skinny line informationskinny show settings           -- List global Skinny settingssla show stations              -- Show SLA Stationssla show trunks                -- Show SLA Trunkssorcery memory cache dump      -- Dump all objects within a sorcery memory cachesorcery memory cache expire    -- Expire a specific object or ALL objects within a sorcery memory cachesorcery memory cache populate  -- Clear and populate the sorcery memory cache with objects from the backendsorcery memory cache show      -- Show sorcery memory cache informationsorcery memory cache stale     -- Mark a specific object or ALL objects as stale within a sorcery memory cachestun set debug {on|off}        -- Enable/Disable STUN debuggingstun show status               -- Show STUN servers and statusestiming test                    -- Run a timing testtranscoder show                -- Display DAHDI transcoder utilization.udptl set debug {on|off|ip}    -- Enable/Disable UDPTL debuggingudptl show config              -- Show UDPTL config optionsulimit                         -- Set or show process resource limitsunistim reload                 -- Reload UNISTIM configurationunistim send packet            -- Send packet (for reverse engineering)unistim set debug {on|off}     -- Toggle UNITSTIM debuggingunistim show devices           -- Show UNISTIM devicesunistim show info              -- Show UNISTIM infovoicemail reload               -- Reload voicemail configurationvoicemail show users           -- List defined voicemail boxesvoicemail show zones           -- List zone message formatsxmldoc dump                    -- Dump the XML docs to the specified file
$ ./menuselect/menuselect --list-options- chan_mobile                    MENUSELECT_ADDONS- chan_ooh323                    MENUSELECT_ADDONS- format_mp3                     MENUSELECT_ADDONS- res_config_mysql               MENUSELECT_ADDONS- app_mysql                      MENUSELECT_ADDONS- cdr_mysql                      MENUSELECT_ADDONS+ app_agent_pool                 MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_authenticate               MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_bridgewait                 MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_cdr                        MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_celgenuserevent            MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_channelredirect            MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_chanspy                    MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_confbridge                 MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_controlplayback            MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_db                         MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_dial                       MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_directed_pickup            MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_directory                  MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_disa                       MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_dumpchan                   MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_echo                       MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_exec                       MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_flash                      MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_followme                   MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_forkcdr                    MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_macro                      MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_milliwatt                  MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_mixmonitor                 MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_originate                  MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_page                       MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_playback                   MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_playtones                  MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_privacy                    MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_queue                      MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_read                       MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_readexten                  MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_record                     MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_sayunixtime                MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_senddtmf                   MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_sendtext                   MENUSELECT_APPS- app_skel                       MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_softhangup                 MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_speech_utils               MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_stack                      MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_stasis                     MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_system                     MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_talkdetect                 MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_transfer                   MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_userevent                  MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_verbose                    MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_voicemail                  MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_waituntil                  MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_while                      MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_adsiprog                   MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_alarmreceiver              MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_amd                        MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_chanisavail                MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_dahdiras                   MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_dictate                    MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_externalivr                MENUSELECT_APPS- app_fax                        MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_festival                   MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_getcpeid                   MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_ices                       MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_image                      MENUSELECT_APPS- app_ivrdemo                    MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_jack                       MENUSELECT_APPS- app_meetme                     MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_minivm                     MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_morsecode                  MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_mp3                        MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_nbscat                     MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_osplookup                  MENUSELECT_APPS- app_saycounted                 MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_sms                        MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_test                       MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_url                        MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_waitforring                MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_waitforsilence             MENUSELECT_APPS+ app_zapateller                 MENUSELECT_APPS- app_setcallerid                MENUSELECT_APPS+ bridge_builtin_features        MENUSELECT_BRIDGES+ bridge_builtin_interval_featur MENUSELECT_BRIDGES+ bridge_holding                 MENUSELECT_BRIDGES+ bridge_native_rtp              MENUSELECT_BRIDGES+ bridge_simple                  MENUSELECT_BRIDGES+ bridge_softmix                 MENUSELECT_BRIDGES+ cdr_adaptive_odbc              MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_custom                     MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_manager                    MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_syslog                     MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_csv                        MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_odbc                       MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_pgsql                      MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_radius                     MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_sqlite3_custom             MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_tds                        MENUSELECT_CDR+ cdr_sqlite                     MENUSELECT_CDR+ cel_custom                     MENUSELECT_CEL+ cel_manager                    MENUSELECT_CEL+ cel_odbc                       MENUSELECT_CEL+ cel_pgsql                      MENUSELECT_CEL+ cel_radius                     MENUSELECT_CEL+ cel_sqlite3_custom             MENUSELECT_CEL+ cel_tds                        MENUSELECT_CEL+ chan_bridge_media              MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_dahdi                     MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_iax2                      MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_motif                     MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_pjsip                     MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_rtp                       MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_alsa                      MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_console                   MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_mgcp                      MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_misdn                     MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_nbs                       MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_oss                       MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_phone                     MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_sip                       MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_skinny                    MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_unistim                   MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ chan_vpb                       MENUSELECT_CHANNELS- chan_multicast_rtp             MENUSELECT_CHANNELS+ codec_a_mu                     MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_adpcm                    MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_alaw                     MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_dahdi                    MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_g722                     MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_g726                     MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_gsm                      MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_ilbc                     MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_lpc10                    MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_resample                 MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_speex                    MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_ulaw                     MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_opus                     MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_silk                     MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_siren7                   MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_siren14                  MENUSELECT_CODECS+ codec_g729a                    MENUSELECT_CODECS+ format_g719                    MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_g723                    MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_g726                    MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_g729                    MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_gsm                     MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_h263                    MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_h264                    MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_ilbc                    MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_ogg_vorbis              MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_pcm                     MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_siren14                 MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_siren7                  MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_sln                     MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_wav                     MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_wav_gsm                 MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_jpeg                    MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ format_vox                     MENUSELECT_FORMATS+ func_aes                       MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_base64                    MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_blacklist                 MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_callcompletion            MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_callerid                  MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_cdr                       MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_channel                   MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_config                    MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_curl                      MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_cut                       MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_db                        MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_devstate                  MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_dialgroup                 MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_dialplan                  MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_enum                      MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_env                       MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_extstate                  MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_global                    MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_groupcount                MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_hangupcause               MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_holdintercept             MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_iconv                     MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_jitterbuffer              MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_lock                      MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_logic                     MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_math                      MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_md5                       MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_module                    MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_odbc                      MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_periodic_hook             MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_pjsip_aor                 MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_pjsip_contact             MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_pjsip_endpoint            MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_presencestate             MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_rand                      MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_realtime                  MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_sha1                      MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_shell                     MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_sorcery                   MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_speex                     MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_sprintf                   MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_srv                       MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_strings                   MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_sysinfo                   MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_talkdetect                MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_timeout                   MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_uri                       MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_version                   MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_vmcount                   MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_volume                    MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_frame_trace               MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_pitchshift                MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ func_audiohookinherit          MENUSELECT_FUNCS+ pbx_config                     MENUSELECT_PBX+ pbx_loopback                   MENUSELECT_PBX+ pbx_spool                      MENUSELECT_PBX+ pbx_ael                        MENUSELECT_PBX+ pbx_dundi                      MENUSELECT_PBX+ pbx_lua                        MENUSELECT_PBX+ pbx_realtime                   MENUSELECT_PBX+ res_adsi                       MENUSELECT_RES+ res_agi                        MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari                        MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_applications           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_asterisk               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_bridges                MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_channels               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_device_states          MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_endpoints              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_events                 MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_mailboxes              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_model                  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_playbacks              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_recordings             MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ari_sounds                 MENUSELECT_RES+ res_calendar                   MENUSELECT_RES+ res_calendar_caldav            MENUSELECT_RES+ res_calendar_ews               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_calendar_exchange          MENUSELECT_RES+ res_calendar_icalendar         MENUSELECT_RES+ res_clialiases                 MENUSELECT_RES+ res_clioriginate               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_config_curl                MENUSELECT_RES+ res_config_odbc                MENUSELECT_RES+ res_config_sqlite3             MENUSELECT_RES+ res_convert                    MENUSELECT_RES+ res_crypto                     MENUSELECT_RES+ res_curl                       MENUSELECT_RES+ res_fax                        MENUSELECT_RES+ res_format_attr_celt           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_format_attr_g729           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_format_attr_h263           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_format_attr_h264           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_format_attr_opus           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_format_attr_silk           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_format_attr_siren14        MENUSELECT_RES+ res_format_attr_siren7         MENUSELECT_RES+ res_format_attr_vp8            MENUSELECT_RES+ res_http_post                  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_http_websocket             MENUSELECT_RES+ res_limit                      MENUSELECT_RES+ res_manager_devicestate        MENUSELECT_RES+ res_manager_presencestate      MENUSELECT_RES+ res_monitor                    MENUSELECT_RES+ res_musiconhold                MENUSELECT_RES+ res_mutestream                 MENUSELECT_RES- res_mwi_external               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_mwi_external_ami           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_odbc                       MENUSELECT_RES+ res_odbc_transaction           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_parking                    MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjproject                  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip                      MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_acl                  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_authenticator_digest MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_caller_id            MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_config_wizard        MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_dialog_info_body_gen MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_diversion            MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_dlg_options          MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_dtmf_info            MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_empty_info           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_exten_state          MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_header_funcs         MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_logger               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_messaging            MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_mwi                  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_mwi_body_generator   MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_nat                  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_notify               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_one_touch_record_inf MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_outbound_authenticat MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_outbound_publish     MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_outbound_registratio MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_path                 MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_pidf_body_generator  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_pidf_digium_body_sup MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_pidf_eyebeam_body_su MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_publish_asterisk     MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_pubsub               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_refer                MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_registrar            MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_registrar_expire     MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_rfc3326              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_sdp_rtp              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_send_to_voicemail    MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_session              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_sips_contact         MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_t38                  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_transport_management MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_transport_websocket  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_xpidf_body_generator MENUSELECT_RES+ res_realtime                   MENUSELECT_RES+ res_rtp_asterisk               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_rtp_multicast              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_security_log               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_smdi                       MENUSELECT_RES+ res_sorcery_astdb              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_sorcery_config             MENUSELECT_RES+ res_sorcery_memory             MENUSELECT_RES+ res_sorcery_memory_cache       MENUSELECT_RES+ res_sorcery_realtime           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_speech                     MENUSELECT_RES+ res_srtp                       MENUSELECT_RES+ res_stasis                     MENUSELECT_RES+ res_stasis_answer              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_stasis_device_state        MENUSELECT_RES+ res_stasis_mailbox             MENUSELECT_RES+ res_stasis_playback            MENUSELECT_RES+ res_stasis_recording           MENUSELECT_RES+ res_stasis_snoop               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_stasis_test                MENUSELECT_RES+ res_stun_monitor               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_timing_dahdi               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_timing_timerfd             MENUSELECT_RES+ res_xmpp                       MENUSELECT_RES+ res_ael_share                  MENUSELECT_RES- res_chan_stats                 MENUSELECT_RES+ res_config_ldap                MENUSELECT_RES+ res_config_pgsql               MENUSELECT_RES+ res_config_sqlite              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_corosync                   MENUSELECT_RES- res_endpoint_stats             MENUSELECT_RES+ res_fax_spandsp                MENUSELECT_RES+ res_hep                        MENUSELECT_RES+ res_hep_pjsip                  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_hep_rtcp                   MENUSELECT_RES+ res_phoneprov                  MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_history              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_pjsip_phoneprov_provider   MENUSELECT_RES- res_pktccops                   MENUSELECT_RES+ res_snmp                       MENUSELECT_RES+ res_statsd                     MENUSELECT_RES+ res_timing_kqueue              MENUSELECT_RES+ res_timing_pthread             MENUSELECT_RES+ res_digium_phone               MENUSELECT_RES+ test_abstract_jb               MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_acl                       MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_amihooks                  MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_aoc                       MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_app                       MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_ari                       MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_ari_model                 MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_ast_format_str_reduce     MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_astobj2                   MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_astobj2_thrash            MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_bridging                  MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_bucket                    MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_callerid                  MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_cdr                       MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_cel                       MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_channel_feature_hooks     MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_config                    MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_core_codec                MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_core_format               MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_db                        MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_devicestate               MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_dlinklists                MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_endpoints                 MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_event                     MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_expr                      MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_file                      MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_format_cache              MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_format_cap                MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_func_file                 MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_gosub                     MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_hashtab_thrash            MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_heap                      MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_jitterbuf                 MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_json                      MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_linkedlists               MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_locale                    MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_logger                    MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_message                   MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_named_lock                MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_netsock2                  MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_optional_api              MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_pbx                       MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_poll                      MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_res_pjsip_scheduler       MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_res_stasis                MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_sched                     MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_scoped_lock               MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_security_events           MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_skel                      MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_sorcery                   MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_sorcery_astdb             MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_sorcery_memory_cache_thra MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_sorcery_realtime          MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_stasis                    MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_stasis_channels           MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_stasis_endpoints          MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_stringfields              MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_strings                   MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_substitution              MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_taskprocessor             MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_threadpool                MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_time                      MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_uri                       MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_utils                     MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_uuid                      MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_vector                    MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_voicemail_api             MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_websocket_client          MENUSELECT_TESTS+ test_xml_escape                MENUSELECT_TESTS- DONT_OPTIMIZE                  MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- COMPILE_DOUBLE                 MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- DEBUG_THREADS                  MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- DEBUG_FD_LEAKS                 MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- BETTER_BACKTRACES              MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- LOTS_OF_SPANS                  MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- MALLOC_DEBUG                   MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- DEBUG_CHAOS                    MENUSELECT_CFLAGS+ BUILD_NATIVE                   MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- REF_DEBUG                      MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- AO2_DEBUG                      MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- STATIC_BUILD                   MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- REBUILD_PARSERS                MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- LOW_MEMORY                     MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- DISABLE_INLINE                 MENUSELECT_CFLAGS+ OPTIONAL_API                   MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- USE_HOARD_ALLOCATOR            MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- RADIO_RELAX                    MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- G711_NEW_ALGORITHM             MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- G711_REDUCED_BRANCHING         MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- TEST_CODING_TABLES             MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- TEST_TANDEM_TRANSCODING        MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- ADDRESS_SANITIZER              MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- THREAD_SANITIZER               MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- LEAK_SANITIZER                 MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- UNDEFINED_SANITIZER            MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- BUSYDETECT_TONEONLY            MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- BUSYDETECT_COMPARE_TONE_AND_SI MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- BUSYDETECT_DEBUG               MENUSELECT_CFLAGS- INTEGER_CALLERID               MENUSELECT_CFLAGS+ FILE_STORAGE                   MENUSELECT_OPTS_app_voicemail- ODBC_STORAGE                   MENUSELECT_OPTS_app_voicemail- IMAP_STORAGE                   MENUSELECT_OPTS_app_voicemail+ astcanary                      MENUSELECT_UTILS+ astdb2sqlite3                  MENUSELECT_UTILS+ astdb2bdb                      MENUSELECT_UTILS- aelparse                       MENUSELECT_UTILS- astman                         MENUSELECT_UTILS- check_expr                     MENUSELECT_UTILS- check_expr2                    MENUSELECT_UTILS- conf2ael                       MENUSELECT_UTILS- muted                          MENUSELECT_UTILS- smsq                           MENUSELECT_UTILS- stereorize                     MENUSELECT_UTILS- streamplayer                   MENUSELECT_UTILS- agi-test.agi                   MENUSELECT_AGIS- eagi-test                      MENUSELECT_AGIS- eagi-sphinx-test               MENUSELECT_AGIS- jukebox.agi                    MENUSELECT_AGIS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN-WAV             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN-ULAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN-ALAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS+ CORE-SOUNDS-EN-GSM             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN-G729            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN-G722            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN-SLN16           MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN-SIREN7          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN-SIREN14         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_AU-WAV          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_AU-ULAW         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_AU-ALAW         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_AU-GSM          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_AU-G729         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_AU-G722         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_AU-SLN16        MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_AU-SIREN7       MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_AU-SIREN14      MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_GB-WAV          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_GB-ULAW         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_GB-ALAW         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_GB-GSM          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_GB-G729         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_GB-G722         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_GB-SLN16        MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_GB-SIREN7       MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-EN_GB-SIREN14      MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-ES-WAV             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-ES-ULAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-ES-ALAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-ES-GSM             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-ES-G729            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-ES-G722            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-ES-SLN16           MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-ES-SIREN7          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-ES-SIREN14         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-FR-WAV             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-FR-ULAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-FR-ALAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-FR-GSM             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-FR-G729            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-FR-G722            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-FR-SLN16           MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-FR-SIREN7          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-FR-SIREN14         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-IT-WAV             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-IT-ULAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-IT-ALAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-IT-GSM             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-IT-G729            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-IT-G722            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-IT-SLN16           MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-IT-SIREN7          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-IT-SIREN14         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-RU-WAV             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-RU-ULAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-RU-ALAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-RU-GSM             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-RU-G729            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-RU-G722            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-RU-SLN16           MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-RU-SIREN7          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-RU-SIREN14         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-JA-WAV             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-JA-ULAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-JA-ALAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-JA-GSM             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-JA-G729            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-JA-G722            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-JA-SLN16           MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-JA-SIREN7          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-JA-SIREN14         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-SV-WAV             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-SV-ULAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-SV-ALAW            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-SV-GSM             MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-SV-G729            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-SV-G722            MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-SV-SLN16           MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-SV-SIREN7          MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS- CORE-SOUNDS-SV-SIREN14         MENUSELECT_CORE_SOUNDS+ MOH-OPSOUND-WAV                MENUSELECT_MOH- MOH-OPSOUND-ULAW               MENUSELECT_MOH- MOH-OPSOUND-ALAW               MENUSELECT_MOH- MOH-OPSOUND-GSM                MENUSELECT_MOH- MOH-OPSOUND-G729               MENUSELECT_MOH- MOH-OPSOUND-G722               MENUSELECT_MOH- MOH-OPSOUND-SLN16              MENUSELECT_MOH- MOH-OPSOUND-SIREN7             MENUSELECT_MOH- MOH-OPSOUND-SIREN14            MENUSELECT_MOH- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN-WAV            MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN-ULAW           MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN-ALAW           MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN-GSM            MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN-G729           MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN-G722           MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN-SLN16          MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN-SIREN7         MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN-SIREN14        MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN_GB-WAV         MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN_GB-ULAW        MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN_GB-ALAW        MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN_GB-GSM         MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN_GB-G729        MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN_GB-G722        MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN_GB-SLN16       MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN_GB-SIREN7      MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-EN_GB-SIREN14     MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-FR-WAV            MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-FR-ULAW           MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-FR-ALAW           MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-FR-GSM            MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-FR-G729           MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-FR-G722           MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-FR-SLN16          MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-FR-SIREN7         MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS- EXTRA-SOUNDS-FR-SIREN14        MENUSELECT_EXTRA_SOUNDS