Linux Releases


5.10 - LTS#

  • EXT4
    • 支持 fast commit - fsync 和元数据操作更快 - mkfs 启用
    • 优化文件覆写
  • XFS
    • 时间戳 2038 -> 2468
  • Nintendo Switch Joy Cons 和 Pro 手柄控制器 - USB 和 蓝牙
  • Raspberry Pi 4 VC4
  • RISC-V boot EFI
  • Linux 5.10


  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • Broadcom BCM2711


  • virtio-fs
  • fs-verity - 检测文件修改
    • 块级别,类似 dm-verity,支持 ext4、f2fs
  • Linux 5.10


  • Support for using Transparent Huge Pages in the page cache
  • Support for eXpress Data Path
  • XFS reverse mapping
  • Stricter checking of memory copies with hardened usercopy
  • GCC plugin support
  • virtio-vsocks for easier guest/host communication
  • Support IPv6 security labeling (CALIPSO, RFC 5570)
  • Add New Vegas TCP congestion control
  • Documentation moved to the reStructuredText format


  • Support for Radeon RX480 GPUs
  • Parallel directory lookups
  • New 'schedutil" frequency governor
  • Histograms of events in ftrace
  • perf trace calls stack
  • Allow BPF programs to attach to tracepoints
  • EFI 'Capsule' firmware updates
  • Support for creating virtual USB Device Controllers in USB/IP
  • Android's sync_file fencing mechanism considered stable
  • LoadPin, a security module to restrict the origin of kernel modules


  • USB 3.1 SuperSpeedPlus (10 Gbps) support
  • Improve the reliability of the Out Of Memory task killer
  • Support for Intel memory protection keys
  • OrangeFS, a new distributed file system
  • Kernel Connection Multiplexor, a facility for accelerating application layer protocols
  • 802.1AE MAC-level encryption (MACsec)
  • BATMAN V protocol
  • dma-buf: new ioctl to manage cache coherency between CPU and GPU
  • OCFS2 online inode checker
  • Support for cgroup namespaces
  • Add support for the pNFS SCSI layout


  • Copy offloading with new copy_file_range(2) system call
  • Experimental PowerPlay supports brings high performance to the amdgpu driver
  • Btrfs free space handling scalability improvements
  • Support for GCC's Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (-fsanitize=undefined)
  • Forwarded Error Correction support in the device-mapper's verity target
  • Add MADV_FREE flag to madvise(2)
  • Better epoll multithread scalability
  • cgroup unified hierarchy is considered stable
  • Performance improvements for SO_REUSEPORT UDP sockets
  • Proper control of socket memory usage in the memory controller


  • Faster and leaner loop device with Direct I/O and Asynchronous I/O support
  • 3D support in virtual GPU driver
    • 3D 支持虚拟 GPU
  • LightNVM adds support for Open-Channel SSDs
  • TCP listener handling completely lockless, making TCP servers faster and more scalable
    • TCP 监听处理完全无锁, 使得 TCP 服务更快更高效.
    • Commit
  • Journalled RAID5 MD support
  • Unprivileged eBPF + persistent eBPF programs
  • perf + eBPF integration
  • Block polling support
  • mlock2() syscall allow users to request memory to be locked on page fault


  • The Ext3 filesystem has been removed
  • userfaultfd(), a system call for handling page-faults in user space
  • membarrier(), a system call for issuing memory barriers on a set of threads
  • New PID controller for limiting the number of PIDs in cgroups
  • Ambient capabilities
  • Introduce idle page tracking, a more precise way to track the memory being used by applications
  • Support for IPv6 Identifier Locator Addressing
  • Network light weight tunnels
  • Virtual Routing and Forwarding (Lite) support