Alpine 包维护


# 环境设置
apk add alpine-sdk
adduser $DEV_USER
echo "$DEV_USER ALL=(ALL) ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
# 修改 PACKAGER 信息
vi /etc/abuild.conf
# echo 'PACKAGER="wener <[email protected]>"' >> /etc/abuild.conf
# 里面的 JOB 参数可修改为核数
addgroup $DEV_USER abuild
# 缓存目录
mkdir -p /var/cache/distfiles
# 给所有人写的权限
# 也可以只给 abuild 组 chgrp abuild /var/cache/distfiles; chmod g+w /var/cache/distfiles
chmod a+w /var/cache/distfiles
# 切换为 $DEV_USER 登陆
# 生成秘钥
# 会生成到 $HOME/.abuild 如果已经有了,直接拷贝即可
abuild-keygen -a -i
# /etc/apk/keys
# echo /build/.abuild/build.rsa | abuild-keygen -a -i
#git config --global "Your Full Name"
#git config --global "[email protected]"
mkdir -p /gits
cd /gits
git clone git://
# 查看相关帮助
abuild -h
# /var/cache/distfiles
abuild checksum
abuild -r
# 位于 $HOME/packages/main/x86_64
abuild -Kf
# 针对单个包操作
abuild package dev
rsync -avz --no-perms --no-owner --no-group --exclude='src,pkg' mnt/wener abuild/
docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/build -v $PWD/distfiles:/var/cache/distfiles -u builder wener/edge:builder
docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/src --entrypoint bash wener/base:builder
chown 1000:1000 -R build/
docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/build -v $PWD/distfiles:/var/cache/distfiles -u builder --entrypoint bash wener/base:builder
  • Invalid configuration x86_64-alpine-linux-musl: machine x86_64-alpine-linux not recognized
    • 可以将 --build--host 设置为 x86_64-alpine-linux
    • 因为部分项目构建是无法将 musl 识别为 gnu


$ abuild -h
usage: abuild [options] [-P REPODEST] [-s SRCDEST] [-D DESCRIPTION] [cmd] ...
abuild [-c] -n PKGNAME[-PKGVER]
-A Print CARCH and exit
-c Enable colored output
-d Disable dependency checking
-D Set APKINDEX description (default: $repo $(git describe))
-f Force specified cmd, even if they are already done
-F Force run as root
-h Show this help
-i Install PKG after successful build
-k Keep built packages, even if APKBUILD or sources are newer
-K Keep buildtime temp dirs and files (srcdir/pkgdir/deps)
-m Disable colors (monochrome)
-P Set REPODEST as the repository location for created packages
-q Quiet
-r Install missing dependencies from system repository (using sudo)
-R Recursively build and install missing dependencies (using sudo)
-s Set source package destination directory
-u Recursively build and upgrade all dependencies (using sudo)
-v Verbose: show every command as it is run (very noisy)
build Compile and install package into $pkgdir
check Run any defined tests concerning the package
checksum Generate checksum to be included in APKBUILD
clean Remove temp build and install dirs
cleancache Remove downloaded files from $SRCDEST
cleanoldpkg Remove binary packages except current version
cleanpkg Remove already built binary and source package
deps Install packages listed in makedepends and depends
fetch Fetch sources to $SRCDEST and verify checksums
index Regenerate indexes in $REPODEST
listpkg List target packages
package Create package in $REPODEST
prepare Apply patches
rootbld Build package in clean chroot
rootpkg Run 'package', the split functions and create apks as fakeroot
sanitycheck Basic sanity check of APKBUILD
snapshot Create a $giturl or $svnurl snapshot and upload to $disturl
sourcecheck Check if remote source package exists upstream
srcpkg Make a source package
undeps Uninstall packages listed in makedepends and depends
unpack Unpack sources to $srcdir
up2date Compare target and sources dates
verify Verify checksums
To activate cross compilation specify in environment:
CHOST Arch or hostspec of machine to generate packages for
CTARGET Arch or hostspec of machine to generate compiler for

Docker 环境设置

# 基于 Docker 搭建开发环境
# ==========
# 使用 abuild 目录作为工作空间
mkdir -p abuild && cd abuild
# distfiles 存放构建过程中下载的源码
# wener 存放 aports 等源码
mkdir -p {wener,distfiles}
# builder 用户的 uid 为 1000
docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/build -v $PWD/distfiles:/var/cache/distfiles -u 1000 wener/base:builder
# 更新包索引
sudo apk update
# 第一次运行生成秘钥
abuild-keygen -a
# 添加公钥和本地仓库
echo /build/packages/wener | sudo tee -a /etc/apk/repositories
sudo cp ~/* /etc/apk/keys/
# 拉取 aports 仓库
git clone
# 到具体的项目
cd aports/main/asterisk
# 构建