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Vlang Build

# 支持代码热重载# 函数添加 [live]v -live message.v
# 交叉编译v -os windows .v -os linux .

pseudo variables

@FNname of the current V function
@METHODreplaced with ReceiverType.MethodName
@MODname of the current V module
@STRUCTname of the current V struct
@FILEpath of the V source file
@LINEV line number where it appears (as a string).
@COLUMNcolumn where it appears (as a string).
@VEXEpath to the V compiler
@VEXEROOTfolder, where the V executable is (as a string).
@VHASHshortened commit hash of the V compiler (as a string).
@VMOD_FILEcontents of the nearest v.mod file (as a string).
@VMODROOTfolder, where the nearest v.mod file is (as a string).