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Start With Why - Simon Sinek

The 5 Levels of Leadership - John Maxwell

  • 管理能力
  • 手段和方法
  • John Maxwell The 5 Levels of Leadership
  • I do it, I dot it and you with me, You do it I am with you, You do it, You do it somebody with you.
  • 针对不同的人有不同的级别
  • How to lead
    • 列出名字
    • 明确等级
    • 针对不同的人
  • Levels
    • Position
      • Position / Right
      • 别人不得不服从你, 只会给你极少的能量
      • 在其位谋其政
    • Relationship
      • Listioning / Observing / Learning
      • know how to serve, love to serve
      • 人际关系
      • 别人之所以愿意帮助你, 甚至是只是因为喜欢你
    • Production
      • Be effective, bring results.
      • 作为模范
      • 吸引别人, 吸引相似的人
      • 个人能力足够, 能有所产出
      • 领导的什么样的人, 就会吸引什么样的人
      • 驱动
    • People Development
      • Put other people in the right positions.
      • Grow company by growing people.
      • 成功的领导者会发现别人擅长的事
      • 成功的领导会把别人的位置处置好
      • 不是专注于自身
      • 你的成功取决于你选择了什么样的人
      • 招聘, 培养
      • 把正确的人放在正确的位置
    1. Respect
    • People follow you automatically.
    • 放手
    1. When you die and people still follow you. :P

Your problem's not your problem. The problem is they think the problem is the problem and therefore they concentrate on a problem that's not a problem and now that the problem that isn't a problem has become a problem (not because it was a problem), but the problem was they didn't know it was a problem and so now they're concentrating on a problem that wasn't a problem but now they've got a problem not because they had a problem but because the problem has become a problem because they didn't know that it wasn't a problem...breath and so they've got a problem.

Functions of Management

  • Planning
    • Based on goals
  • Organizing
  • Leading
  • Controlling - 对比结果和目标 - 矫正计划行为
    • Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • Staffing

Basic Managerial Role & skills