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Consul Version

Consul v1.122022-04-20
Consul v1.112021-12-15
Consul v1.102021-06-22
Consul v1.92020-11-24

Consul v1.12

  • 自动配置重载 auto-reload-config

Consul v1.11

  • Virtual IPs for services deployed with Consul Service Mesh
  • Replace boltdb with etcd-io/bbolt for raft log store
  • TLS Certificates for Ingress Gateways via an SDS source
  • Vault Auth Method support for Connect CA Vault Provider
  • 企业版
    • Admin Partitions

Consul v1.10

  • Transparent Proxy
    • consul connect redirect-traffic
    • 操作 iptables
  • Streaming Enabled by Default for Service Health
  • Redesigned UI and Observability Enhancements
  • Deprecation of Legacy ACL System
  • xDS v3 and Incremental xDS

Consul v1.9

  • Application-Aware Intentions
  • Service Mesh Visualization
  • Custom Resources for Kubernetes
  • Active Health Checks for Consul on Kubernetes
  • Streaming