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Dev Glossary

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abbr.stand formean
GCgarbage collect垃圾收集
RAIIResource acquisition is initialization资源获取即初始化
OOMOut of memory
NPENull Pointer Exception空指针异常
RTTIRuntime Type Information
abbr.stand formean
RIIRRewrite It In Rust
DORADevOps research program
abbr.stand forcn
Private Cloud私有云
Public Cloud公有云
cloud computing云计算
On-premises Software本地软件
SaaSSoftware as a Service软件即服务
  • off-premises -> SaaS
  • on-premises - server-based software
    • 按需、本地化、面向服务
    • SaaS 反向操作
  • futureproofing - 确保不会过时